Beyond The Reset

But Kuznetsov takes up all the narrative of the Great Reset, and at the top there is precisely the booklet by Klaus Schwab, author of this drift of thought and who also appears in a scene confirming the opportunities that the pandemic is offering to the Reset.

Beyond The Reset also takes up all the various phases that led to the isolation of the population: the famous first two weeks in which everything had to end and instead the progression of infections driven by bogus tests. And of course, the senseless use of masks that become the symbol of the humiliation and submission of the world population. And the supermarkets, inexplicably lacking in some goods such as toilet paper or other products…

Then, inside the house of isolation, and after the same isolation at home has produced the well-known family conflicts, the new products of the world order of the third millennium follow one another. All a plus, with plants, new vegetables and of course the possibility of using the new source of protein derived from insects, while cattle and other farmed animals are exterminated. But is the only reason here the economic one?

The survival subsidy could not be missing from which all the various slothful taxes are deducted, to reduce it practically to zero. Impossible to buy something and above all to find on the platforms that recall Netflix those once acclaimed works such as The Godfather, judged not “sustainable” and reprehensible for its stereotypes about Italians … Pulp Fiction for the contents of violence and racism and finally 1984, the derivative film from the novel by George Orwell which is described as “never existed”!

Finally, there is also the possibility of offering one’s body for a trial of a new drug, a vaccine!

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